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How to start a CityLight Prayer Group


 Ministry 4


The fourth step in starting a CityLight Prayer Group is to release the power of the spirit through ministry.  The Cross Style Prayer Life empowers us with a spirit of humbleness and obedience.  This perfect submission transforms all of our relationships and interactions.  It is by the will of God that we become ministers to each and eery lost soul we encounter.


The Ministry of Relationship

As we completely submit to the will of God in our Prayer Groups.  We lay the foundation for God to use us in bringing others into a Prayer Group.  We can teach and disciple others by the examples and the experiences of our own life in Communion with the Lord Jesus. 


It is through relationships that God touches our hearts and draws us to Him.  It is this ministry of relationship that the next level of Prayer Group will be birthed. Each member of the Prayer Group will follow this outline to allow God to draw 12 new believers per member to establish the next generation of the Prayer group. This is the Ministry of relationship.  The 13 original Prayer Group members grow into 12 new Prayer Groups  for a total of 156 believers committed in the deepest way to a personal relationship Jesus Christ and his neighbor. 



Through prayer the vertical relationship with God grows and premeates every aspect of our life.  With the Spirit of God resting within us every role and position in our lives becomes a platform for Ministry.  Our horizontal relationships, as fathers, mothers sisters, brothers, employers and employees are all  relationship where the love of God can change a family, a business, a school, a community or even a nation.  This is the ministry of II Chronicles 7:14



We must not rush to do ministry as a Prayer Group.  We must wait on the Holy Spirit to fill us so that we can be ministry in our Prayer Groups, in our homes, schools, work and throughout the nation


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Each Prayer Group can grow into a five fold ministry of

Worship 1Fellowship 2Discipleship 3Ministry 4Evangelism 5.



Angel Savage


We shall humble ourselves, Pray, seek the face of God and turn from our wicked ways.



Maureen Grimaud


As a Catalyst Connecting Christ to the Culture for Community Change we are call to live The Two Great Commandments and carry out The Great Commission

Regina Robinson