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How to start a CityLight Prayer Team


A CityLight Prayer Group starts with an individual selecting 12 leaders who want (1) a deeper, more intense relationship with God; (2) to keep the two Great commandments and carry out the Great Commission and (3) to have a ministry of prayer and evangelism. The group holds it first meeting, signs up its members, elect or selects officers and registers as a CityLight Prayer Group.


CityLight Prayer Groups meet at least once a month to learn more about prayer and our verticle relationship with God and our horizontal relationship with each other.


This is the first generation of the Prayer Group.

A leader and 12 disciples



This is the second generation of the Prayer Groups.

Each leader from the first group selects 12 leaders

and establishes a CityLight Prayer Group 





Become a member of CityLight !


Each Prayer Group can grow into a five fold ministry of 

Worship 1 Fellowship 2Discipleship 3 Ministry 4Evangelism 5









Greg Grimaud


We shall humble ourselves, Pray, seek the face of God and turn from our wicked ways.



Christie Savage


As a Catalyst Connecting Christ to the Culture for Community Change we are call to live The Two Great Commandments and carry out The Great Commission

Gene F. Brown


Knock on the door to your heart and the heart of this generation to live The Great Commandments and to pursue with reckless abandon The Great Commission.